We hold our brands to a higher standard

We’ve ditched the long-held industry paradigm where brands lead women to aspire to an unattainable ideal to make sales and rallied around our own vision instead.

Hustling for women

We’re proudly disrupting unattainable ideals of perfection through female-driven branding that lives up to the reality of being a woman.

We’re hustling for all women to make our standards, industry standards.

We all deserve better.

We deserve better than brand campaigns targeting our deepest insecurities, retouched perfection, and impossible ideals.

I started Rawe by asking the question: What if the narrative surrounding women ideals made a fundamental shift and we were no longer oppressed by a pursuit of unattainable perfection? It's a bold question to ask, but our vision is bolder.

Join us to raise the bar for what it means to be a fashion, beauty and wellness brand.

Kaylyn MacMillan
Founder & Creative Director

Our Standards

We’re brand experts, moonlighting as advocates for disrupting unattainable ideals. We cultivate brands inspired by women IRL.

Always Elevate

Brand campaigns that pinpoint our deepest insecurities is the oldest trick in the book, and we’re so over it. We never build brands that bank on self-consciousness by reinforcing the “not enough” narrative. Instead, we prove that the opposite is true - that women are more likely to be raving fans and loyal customers when brand campaigns lift them up instead of put them down.

Real, Not Highlight Reel

In an Instagram-worthy world, we’re building brand narratives that talk about what’s happening outside of the crop. Our brands live up to the reality of being a woman, not the idyllic standard that no longer stops our scroll. We were meant to be real, not perfect - we lead brand narratives that embrace this reality by evoking real conversations that disrupt taboos.

100% Female-Driven

We are fully women powered, putting a female-perspective behind everything we create. It’s our not so secret vantage for cultivating bold brands and creating scroll-stopping content that actually resonates with women. We create for women, by women.

Make our standards, your standards

Join the membership empowering fashion, beauty, and wellness brands to disrupt unattainable ideals with strategic brand management and on-demand creative services.

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